Registration (winter academy &/or spring/summer travel teams)

PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO, 1. Bob Durocher for $150 for winter training program or Venmo to @Robert-Durocher-2
 2. FC FREEZE FOR $325.00- for spring/summer program and

Family discount Spring/Summer Travel Team:
1st child-$325 full price
2nd child $275.00 (15 % off full price)
3rd child $225 (30% off full price)
4th child $175.00 (45% off full price)


7 thoughts on “Registration (winter academy &/or spring/summer travel teams)

  1. Elizabeth had signed up earlier and we were anticipating an email, but did not receive one. She has ordered her uniform from Victory Promotions. Will she be on the U17 Girls team?


  2. I would like to sign Ava up for the winter academy. I am just double checking that this is the program every Sunday at SLU like she did last year. Also, she is a back up goalie with very limited experience for her team. She is also a field player, can she work on both skills. Her goalie was injured and she was the only volunteer so she could use both. THANK you


    • HI Danielle,
      Yes and Yes. I will be sending out an email reminder today. We are going to try and start a week earlier as SLU is back in session earlier this year.
      Ava can decide what weeks or sessions that she wants keeper training and what field sessions she wants to work on no problem
      Happy Holidays!


  3. I registered my U12 aged son for the winter training session. Do we send in payment and show up on Jan 18 or will there be correspondence from the academy? This will be our first time attending. Thank you for your help.


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