Tournament Rules and Regulations

  • 6 players on the field –one player must be designated as a goal keeper
  • Substitution is on the fly, the player must exit the field at the location of the team bench before the next player comes on the field from the team bench
  • Minimum number of players on the field is four
  • 18 minutes running game time- no time outs (except for serious injuries- this is left to the discretion of the tournament director and referees)
  • Away team must wear different color uniform if there is a conflict- tournament director will provide alternate colors if needed
  • Away team gets the ball first
  • No off-sides
  • Balls over the touch line will be kicked in rather than thrown in. These are indirect kicks. Players can not score from the sidelines directly. Balls that hit the ceiling will result in the loss of possession.
  • All fouls will result in indirect free kicks. All kicks except PK’s are indirect, including corner kicks.

Late Team Rule- The team being late in the first five minutes automatically has 1 goal against them, after 8 minutes they forfeit the game with a default score of 2-0. If both teams are late after 8 minutes, the game will count as a loss for both teams.
Yellow cards

  • Player must sit for two minutes in a penalty chair located at the tournament director table The team must play short handed until the time is up or the opposing team scores a goal.Two yellow cards in the same game by the same player will result in that player sitting out the next game. A player who accumulates Three CAUTIONS at the same tournament must sit the next game

Red Cards

  • A player who was dismissed from the game – received a RED card – must sit the next game as well. If the misconduct was directed towards the game official, the tournament convener will assess a yellow card , or dismiss the player from the tournament
  • Spitting on the turf results in a dismissal from the game – RED card.

Sliding-Tackles – the referee is the sole judge in interpreting the situation

  • Sliding is permitted to prevent the ball from entering the net or leaving the field of play, providing there are no other players within playing distance – 9 feet and/or this action is deemed by the referee as safe.
  • Sliding-Tackles (basically sliding when any opponents are within the playing distance) are penalized by an IFK and the guilty player is Cautioned
  •  Slide-Tackles resulting in a physical contact with the opponent warrants a send-off, if deemed by the referee as  “Disrespectful to the safety of the opponent”.
  •   Sliding-tackles committed by the defenders in their own Penalty Area result in a PK and a Caution. The Goalies are allowed to Slide-Tackle as long as this conduct is not deemed by the referee as Dangerous or Disrespectful to the safety of the Opponent
  • A player who received two RED cards will not be allowed to take part in any further games at this tournament.



  • 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss
  • total points determines placement and advancement to playoffs
  • in case of ties:
  • Record when teams played (head to head results)
  • Point Differential
  • Team with most goals wins
  • Penalty kicks in terms of a game, coin flip in terms of seeding

    Penalty Kicks

  • 3 shooters, followed by 1,1,1
  • Written list of shooters must be given to the referee and/or tournament director
  • Maximum of 8 names (if tied after 8, return to the #1 shooter)
  • If a team has less than 8 players then the maximum number of shooters will equal the smallest team roster

ALL DECISIONS ON THE FIELD WILL BE MADE BY THE REFEREE. Any conflicts or problems should be director towards the tournament director in a calm and orderly fashion. The tournament director’s decision will be final

Overtime during the finals:

In the championship game, at the end of play, if the teams are tied the overtime will be played as follows:

    • Sudden victory
    • Each team will start overtime with three players & a keeper. Each  minute one player will be removed from the field. The game will be stopped on the referee’s signal.
    • The game will continue to play until someone scores, 1v1.
    • When the game gets down to 1v1, after each minute, one player can be subbed out, including the goalkeeper.
    • If the goalkeeper is subbed out, the remaining players cannot use their hands when defending the goal