Shooters and Keepers Sign-ups

The dates have been set for the 3rd installment of “Shooters and Keepers” fall training! Starting August 30th, you can recieve 6 sessions of intense, individualized training from the St. Lawrence University staff as well as St. Lawrence University players. 

These 6 sessions are geared specifically towards improving the offensive side of the field player and building instinctual ability for the goalkeepers.

As field players, you will learn different shooting techniques and how to improve specific skilled techniques that allow you to get into goal scoring opportunities!

As goalkeepers, your shape, form and overall agility will be sharpened in order to improve your overall save percentage and provide more shutouts for your team.

More details can be found by clicking the “Shooters and Keepers” link at the top of the page. You can register by clicking “Registration” at the top of the page and checking the box for Shooters and Keepers (fall) when completing the form. 

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