Scores From u15 Girls SLU Indoor Series 12/20/15

u15 GirlsTournament Results

9:20 NNY Lightning I vs FC Freeze 3-0
9:40 NNY Lightning III vs Ducks Dynasty      2-1
10:00 FC Freeze vs NNY Lightning II 1-0
10:20 BRVSA II vs NNY Lightning III 1-0
10:40 BRVSA I vs NNY Lightning II 3-0
11:00 BRVSA II vs NNY Lightning I 0-6
11:20 Ducks Dynasty      vs BRVSA I 0-2
BYE 1st Place   NNY Lightning I  
11:40 2nd Place vs 7th Place  
  BRVSA I   NNY Lightning II 6-0
12:00 4th Place vs 5th Place  
  FC Freeze   BRVSA II 1-0 ot
12:20 3rd Place vs 6th Place  
  NNY Lightning III   Ducks Dynasty 1-3
  1st  SEMIFINAL      
12:40 1st Place vs Winner of 12:00 pm game  
  NNY Lightning I   FC Freeze 2-0
  2nd SEMIFINAL    


1:00 Winner of 11:40 pm game   Winner of 12:20 pm game


  BRVSA I   Ducks Dynasty 7-0
1:20 Winner of  1st Semifinal vs Winner of 2nd semifinal Championship  25 minutes
  NNY Lightning I   BRVSA I BRVSA I, 2-1 Champs

SLU Indoor Soccer Series 12/20/15 – u15 Champions



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